Each event includes a lot of small details, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Learn how to determine the number of tables and chairs, how to calculate how many will fit in the space and how to define amount of drinks and snacks per person.


Capacity of tables 

The recommended number of seats for a round table with a diameter of 120 cm is 6. Calculate that in this setting, each person will have about 70 centimeters of space. If you want a tablecloth to the floor, you will need a round tablecloth of 275 cm. In the shorter version, the one of 225 cm will suffice. 

A round table with a diameter of 150 cm can accommodate 8 people, with each person having about 64 cm of space, which is quite enough. You can cover it with a shorter tablecloth of 225 cm or a longer version to the floor of 305 cm. 

The round table with a diameter of 180 cm will accommodate 10 people, and each will have about 65 cm of space. The appropriate dimensions of the tablecloth are 275 cm (shorter version) or 335 cm (to the floor).

For a rectangular table 180 cm long, it will comfortably accommodate 8 people and each will have about 65 cm of space. If you use a shorter tablecloth, a size of 225 x 260 cm will suffice, and if you want it to reach the floor, choose 230 x 335 cm.


Arrangement of tables and chairs in the space

When arranging tables in space, you can arrange them in several ways: in the form of a cube, circle, triangle, etc. When placing them, make sure that there is enough space between the tables and chairs. For example, when stacking tables in a cube or in the shape of a triangle, the optimal distance between the tables is 60 centimeters. The distance between the chairs at the next table should be at least 75 cm so that they can be served and circulated without hindrance. When stacking the chairs, move them 45 cm away from the comfortable seating table.


Determine the number of drinks and small snacks

Remember the equation from elementary school! Count to 5 bites per hour and multiply them by the number of hours the event lasts. You will get the total number of snacks for one person, which you need to multiply by the number of guests to get the total number of snacks you will serve. In addition, you can place trays with cheese and snacks on the tables. 

Use the same formula to calculate the number of drinks. Multiply 2 drinks per hour by the number of hours of the event. Multiply the number of drinks per person by the number of guests to calculate the total number of drinks. It is practical to know that from a 7.5 dl bottle you can get:

  • 6 glasses of champagne
  • 5 glasses of wine
  • 23-15 glasses of spirits

To impress your guests, make a cocktail with your signature! When organizing an event, the hardest part is relaxing – try it though! If you do not want to bother with inches and you’re lucky to have erased the math from your head, contact us and you hang out and be a good host. Learn more about the catering service here.