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What services do you provide?

In addition to our modern conference space, Mozaik Event Center provides a full spectrum of end to end event management services as organization and operation of:

  • Virtual events
  • Hybrid events
  • Congresses and conferences
  • Green meetings and green rooms
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Weddings and prom nights
  • Corporate parties and concerts
  • Conceptual design and scenography
  • Professional hi-tech Audio and visual equipment
  • Technical support
  • Catering service
  • Marketing and PR assistance
  • Simultaneous translation 
  • Participant registration platforms
  • Branding and promo activities
  • Rental of exhibition stands
What type of halls do you have?

Mozaik Event Center has 4 multifunctional halls.

Hall Water (903m2) is multifunctional hall and can be divided into two separate areas Hall Water South (453m2) and Hall Water North (450m2).

Hall Earth  has 115m2, Hall  Fire 85 m2 and Hall Air 87 m2. For detailed information about the halls click here.

How to make a reservation of a hall?
If you have questions relating to services we offer or want to submit an Inquiry, please contact us at info@mozaik-grupa.hr or fill the online booking form and we will reply to an email within 24 hours.


Upon receipt of a signed cost estimate and payment of 20% of the total price for the rental of the hall / s (preparation and event), mutual cooperation is confirmed. Payment is made in the name of the company Mozaik grupa d.o.o., IBAN: Addiko bank d.d. HR6025000091101350463.

What is your cancelation policy?

If the written cancelation note was received:


  • 16-30 days prior to the event date, client will be charged 20% of a rental cost
  • 4-15 days prior to the event date client will be charged 50% of a rental cost.
  • 72 hours or less prior to the event date client will be charged 100% of a rental cost.


Written cancelation of the reservation should be sent to e-mail info@mozaik-grupa.hr .

What equipment is included in a basic package?

Hall Water

Basic package: fixed stage (6x4m, 60cm height) with gray carpet included, fixed projector (Barco 8 000 ANSI lumen), fixed screen (7 x 4m, projection 16:9), sound system, hall lighting (white and/or yellow lights), lighting for fixed stage, pointer, flip chart, microphone (desktop or portable), conference chairs, free Wi-Fi.

Hall Air

Basic package: interactive touch panel, TV Allsee PT86G 86” + pointer, pro HD TV studio direction, speaker tracking camera (for recording or events’ online streaming), autotrack camera, microphone (handheld or headset), projector, hall lighting, flip chart, conference chairs, free Wi-fi.

Hall Earth 

Basic package: plasma TV 85 ”, microphone, sound system, studio lighting for the hall, flip chart, conference chairs, free Wi-fi, green key background for studio recordings (h = 3.89, w=7.56).

Hall Fire

Basic package: projector, projecting background wall, 2x white board, hall lightning, flip chart, conference chairs, free Wi-fi.

What are additional equipment packages for Water Hall?
Basic packages can be upgraded to Optimum or Premium packages. Details about these packages can be found at the link.
What are terms of taking up a hall?

Upon entering the rented hall, it is necessary to sign handover document by which you undertake to return the hall and additional rented space to its original condition.

Damage occurred during the preparation or duration of the event will be subsequently charged.

Leaving the hall is mandatory during the last hour of a last rental day unless otherwise agreed in advance.

When do we enter/exit a hall?

The entrance to the hall is scheduled between 9:00 and 17:00 on working days. If client needs to enter the hall outside working hours, that should be arranged with Mozaik Event Center.

Rental period From To Rental period From To
DAILY EVENTS 6:00 23:00 EVENING EVENTS 11:00 *4:00
Installation 8:00 *6:00 Installation 8:00 *11:00
Installation 1/2 18:00 *6:00 Installation 1/2 18:00 *11:00
Dismantle 23:00 *18:00 Dismantle 4:00 18:00
Dismantle 1/2 23:00 *10:00 Dismantle 1/2 4:00 10:00
*Refers to the time of the next day

Hall rental hours outside the predefined hours are charged according to the valid price list.

Is there any tail lift or a loading ramp?

Mozaik Event Center has loading ramp on the east side of HOB complex, on the access road Trnjanska struga V. 

What are ramp handling conditions?

To access the loading ramp, you need to announce it to Mozaik Event Center’s employee at least 24 hours prior. The use of a loading ramp is possible only under the following conditions.

  • The responsible person (if there are several subcontractors who will use the loading ramp) in agreement with the employee of the Mozaik Event Center must pass the instructions on the use of the loading ramp and sign the corresponding certificate of use
  • The same person is responsible for the use of the loading ramp and accepts responsibility for its operation 
  • Using of a loading ramp is strictly forbidden for persons who have not passed the instructions or signed certificate for this purpose.
In which cases outdoor space branding within HOB complex is allowed?

Within the rented space, indoor space branding is allowed from the very first rental day from the time agreed with Mozaik Event Center. If the client wants to brand outdoor space, outdoor branding or setting stands must be permitted by HOB complex at least 5 days in advance. After receiving the permission, branding or exhibition stands should be set up on the location and in duration as previously agreed.

Are additional effects, such as smoke effects and similar allowed in the Hall?

If you plan to use smoke or similar effects as part of the event, an announcement is required at least 48 hours before the event as well as it’s neccessary to obtain Mozaik Event Center’s employee consent.

Do you provide cleaning service?

Professional in-house cleaning service is in-charge of cleaning and disinfection. The cost for cleaning services is stated in the cost estimate according to the contractor’s cleaning calculation while the final amount will be revised after the end of the event.

In which cases vehicles are allowed within HOB complex?

Vehicles (one or more) are allowed inside of a Water hall with permission, without additional fees and at outdoor space (HOB atrium), with permission and with additional charge.

How to reach us?
Information is available at the following link.
Is there any parking available nearby?
Limited parking is available near the HoB complex (HoB outdoor parking) on the east side of the center, where the Mozaik Event Center is also located.

In addition, you can also find a city parking lot in the third zone near the HoB complex. This lot is charged on weekdays from 7:00 to 20:00, on Saturdays from 7:00 to 15:00, and is free on Sundays.

Is there video surveillance within the Mozaik Event Center?

Mozaik Event Center provides the possibility of safe access to the rented space and surveillance cameras within the space. Mozaik Event Center is not responsible for the disappearance of items due to negligence of the Client.

What additional facilities HOB complex offers?

HOB complex offers a numerous amenity such as cafes, restaurants, food markets, pastry shop, pharmacy shop, ATM, hairdresser salon, bank, dry cleaning, fitness and wellness center.

Who to contact for additional questions?
For all additional questions please contact Mozaik Event Center at info@mozaik-grupa.hr or call us

 +385 91 7348 328 or +385 91 3456 627.

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