When you accept a conference organization you need to consider a number of elements and make a series of decisions. You need to find a suitable location and hire partners for audiovisual support, catering and other necessary services. It is necessary to design the program, suggest speakers and take care of the accommodation of participants and speakers, and provide everyone with all the necessary information. 

If you want a full hall, remember that a very important element is the promotion of the conference. A poorly organized conference will give a bad image of your company, and all we have listed is only a small part of the work that needs to be done to make your event meet expectations and leave a good impression on attendees. 

Organizing an event is a demanding task, so we advise you to hire a professional agency (PCO). We will list a few areas where we can help you. Leading the administration and making the most of the budget Over many years of work, we have gained rich experience based on which we have developed our system for registration and accreditation of participants. This system allows us to fully control the process of registration, collection of registration fees and accreditation of participants upon arrival at the conference. Forget keeping a list of participants in an Excel spreadsheet or manual payment records – we will relieve you and take over the administrative tasks and the complete registration process. 

Want a stand up comedian, a top DJ or a silk dancer? Rest assured that in our rich base of performers we will find the ones that fit the budget and contribute to the success of your event with quality. You can leave the negotiations on subcontractor prices and monitoring of project costs with confidence. Share with us all your goals and plans – it is possible that we will propose a more optimal solution to achieve, which at the same time saves the budget.

Saving time 

Sometimes suppliers tend to take advantage of your lack of time or a wider partner base and make a higher bid than the standard market bid. As a professional event management agency (PCO), we work with long-term partners with whom we have a relationship of trust, and the amount of events we work on together brings more affordable prices. 

Our task is to facilitate all communication, negotiations and bidding, and to ensure that all subcontractors provide maximum professional service on time and at the best price.  


Quick troubleshooting 

As professional congress organizers (PCOs), we have a number of successfully completed projects behind us that have taught us to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We have faced a large number of major and minor challenges, so we can rarely be unprepared. 

If you were to organize the conference by yourself, there is a good chance that the multitude of details would keep you so busy that you would increase the possibility of missing something important. In addition to organizing events, there are also your regular business commitments that require full attention. 

Our advantage is a team of experts who can think on the go, and each team member has their own area of ​​expertise and can very quickly suggest an effective solution.

If you have to sit on the floor, you will know that the promotion has done the job! 

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