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In addition to designing and organizing all types of events, we also offer you the most important things,
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Who says virtual events
can’t gather the best of the best?

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How to organize an online event

Virtual events have many advantages, and the first and most important are the significantly lower costs of the organization. However, this does not mean that you will spend less time and energy on organizing an online event. Online events always lack the "human...

10 tips on how to organize an event that will leave an impression

We all actually have experience in organizing events. We celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and various holidays, and we don't really have a professional event planner on hand to help us. Of course, you tried everything by yourself. And realize it's not quite...

Great ideas for celebrating a birthday at work

We all love pleasant surprises and enjoyment of attention. Why not cheer up your favorite colleague with a birthday surprise? Here are some ideas on how to make their day special.    1. Decorate his / her workplace  Get confetti, balloons and birthday props and...

How Mozaik Group as a professional event organization agency can help you

When you accept a conference organization you need to consider a number of elements and make a series of decisions. You need to find a suitable location and hire partners for audiovisual support, catering and other necessary services. It is necessary to design the...

The 6 best types of events to surpass your business goals

Corporate event planners need to connect the dots between specific business goals and types of events. Trying to determine what types of events are best for achieving your organization’s unique goals can be challenging because there are so many possibilities.  Some...

Why is it important to know math for an event to succeed?

Each event includes a lot of small details, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Learn how to determine the number of tables and chairs, how to calculate how many will fit in the space and how to define amount of drinks and snacks per person.   Capacity...

How to be a better event manager?

Each event has elements that must be respected, but also specifics that are "only his", and depend, for example, on the size of the event, set goals, location, theme and audience. That is why top event managers are characterized by flexibility, ie the ability to adapt...

How can you make your event “greener”

According to the meetgreen site, the average conference visitor generates 1.89 kg of waste per day, of which 1.16 kg goes directly to landfill. In case the participants arrive from abroad, the carbon footprint of the event is even more significant. For example,...