virtual events

Whether you are planning a corporate or social, virtual or hybrid event, whether you have a lot of experience or have no experience in organizing this type of event, Mozaik Event Center allows you to become a true virtual professional.

With the support of a well-coordinated team of technical experts and exquisite equipment, choose the studio that best describes your event and relax in the safe hands of virtual professionals. If you have your own equipment and your own professional team, we also offer you the opportunity to rent an empty studio space and arrange it according to the concept of your event.


87 m
(w/l/h = 8,2 m /10,6 m /3,5 m)

Interactive touch screen for material display – Allsee PT86G 86
Streaming to one free platform – Live Video Streaming Software – vMix

Video mixer – Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

Streaming and control laptop

Autotrack camera – Aver PTC500S

Audiomixer – Berhinger

Microphone – Sennheiser

Lightning – 2x Lupo Super Panel Soft Dual Color 30

Internet connection 30/30 mbps

Audio technician, video technician

If you are preparing a live version of a simpler type of event such as a meeting, training or workshop, and you do not have adequate equipment for that, we have the ideal solution for you.

Plug & Play Streaming studio ensures maximum expertise and ease of display and connection to the desired platform via Interactive touch screen plasma, while the auto track camera and existing accompanying technical equipment provide professional support.
Prepare the materials, and for everything else you just need to press a button.


115 m
(w/l/h = 7,6 m / 15,2 m / 3,9 m)

Green key 7×3,8m
Green Key template
Streaming to one free platform – Live
Video Streaming Software – vMix

Capture card – 4K blackmagic d-link

Switcher – analog way VIO 4K

Streaming and control laptop

Camera on a tripod

Audio mixer – Berhinger

Microphone – Sennheiser

Lighting – 8x Lupo Super Panel Soft Dual Color 30,
3x Lupo Dayled 1000, 1x Onyx light control

Control plasma TV

Internet connection 30/30 mbps

Audio technician, video technician

Organize your virtual or hybrid event in a newly renovated studio, where, with the existing green key which helps you create your own virtual environment, support of sophisticated IT equipment and professional technicians, you can create your own version of the new reality.

Whether it is a fun event, professional meeting, video conference or a certain type of education, we only need a description of the event and content, and you can leave the organization and technical details of the realization to us.
Choose the Basic package or upgrade it with additional equipment and step into a new virtual reality.


450 – 903 m
(w/l/h = 27,5 m / 17,2 – 32,8 m / 9 m)

If you are planning to organize a live or hybrid version of the event in a larger capacity of space or you can not decide whether to use the green key background of the event, LED background or something else, here you can do everything.

Unleash your imagination and play with almost unlimited possibilities, and with the use of sophisticated technical equipment and with the help of our professional staff, model your event, add your touch to it and make it personalized.

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