We all love pleasant surprises and enjoyment of attention. Why not cheer up your favorite colleague with a birthday surprise? Here are some ideas on how to make their day special. 


1. Decorate his / her workplace 

Get confetti, balloons and birthday props and decorate the workplace. Buy a greeting card, collect the signatures of all colleagues and leave a message in a visible place.  


2. Record a fun video 

You will need a little more time for the video, but it pays off because you will give the celebrant a lasting memory. A number of applications can be found to help you easily edit the video. First devise a set of fun questions and agree with colleagues who will answer which. Let the answers be as personal and witty as possible. The easiest way is to record the answers with your mobile phone and edit them in the selected mobile application. If you have a team meeting that day, you can show it during the meeting, and if not, make sure you gather colleagues and look at it together.


3. Design a song for the celebrant 

Make your own version of the eternal hit “Happy Birthday”. Choose the celebrant’s favorite song and customize the lyrics so that it describes it well but also makes you laugh. Sing it to him in the morning or during the day when everyone is gathered.


4. Prepare a creative gift 

Get away from clichés and be creative. Collect a symbolic amount from a colleague and give the celebrant something that will throw him out of his shoes.


5. Offer to help 

If possible, free him from a daily task. Offer to help him make the day as easy and stress-free as possible. 


6. Toast with fine snacks 

Instead of the classic shared lunch, we suggest you organize a shared breakfast in the office. This can also be a good idea for an unusual gift. Share with each other the tasks of what to buy so that no one is overwhelmed and come a little earlier to prepare the table. Also get a bottle of your favorite toast drink. 


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